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We repair all brands and models. Our AC staff is ready 24/7 to help you. We do troubleshooting in the first visit and repair fast and efficiently. Financing options available with for AC repairs and installs. Call us now!

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Professional AC Home Repair

We specialize in AC home repair and offer fast and effective responses tailored to your needs.

Our HVAC service will work with the most common issues for AC units now: From leaks to failure to cool. We also provide air conditioning replace services with the best technicians in the area, don’t forget to contact us and schedule preventive maintenance routines to extend the lifetime of your appliance.

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Your air conditioner won’t start? or is the cooling system making weird noises after starting?

Don’t worry, at HVAC of Atlanta, we are ready to help when you need air conditioning repairs at home in the area. At HVAC of Atlanta, we specialize in home air conditioning repair and offer fast and effective responses tailored to your needs.

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Air Conditioning Common Problems

It’s important to learn about the common air conditioning problems at home so that you can take preventive measures to avoid repairs.
Making Noise

When your AC unit is making more noise than usual, the sound is different depending on the problem. It’s probably a faulty fan or condensate pump. We can help with both, and if you act quickly, you will avoid further damage.

Other reasons for the noise can be:

  • A refrigerant leak
  • A click when turning it on and off may indicate a relay problem.
  • A buzz can be caused by faulty electrical components.
  • Rattling, or banging mean a problem with a blower or motor assembly.
Leaking Water

Water leaking can be normal if you AC is on, on a hot or humid day. If your Air Conditioner is leaking or dripping excessive water, maybe it hasn’t been maintained and the repair is usually simple. It won’t take more than an hour, so call us to book your service.

Other reasons for leak water outside:

  • Air filters that need change
  • Installation problems
  • Drain pipe that is blocked
Not Cooling or Heating

You may have a gas leak if your air conditioning unit is turning on but not working. We will test the pipework for a leak and we can fix it by coating the pipe with the right type and amount of refrigerant. We can do other tests for pressure if possible.

Not turning on

In this case, it may be a tripped fuse. If it isn’t, one of our AC professionals will come check and diagnose the problem. We will give you a written quote with our recommendation including price and estimated time required.

Bad Smell

Since air conditioners recirculate air and remove moisture, the drain pipeline can be clogged with dust, algae, and dirt. Gasses and bad odor can also enter your home and you can ask for an odor neutralization service. It is also important to have your AC unit and drain line regularly maintained, cleaned, and inspected.

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