AC Tune Up in Atlanta

HVAC of Atlanta tune up service could give years of extra life to your existing unit.

Most problems in AC systems could have been detected with a tune up prior to the machine failures. Examples of these problems are drain failures, bloquages, and malfunctions; the refrigerant leaks, super dirty filters, and more.

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Our AC Tune Up Service

Our service AC Tune-Ups cost only $79.99 for the main system and $59.99 for all additional systems in one home or building.

Our highly trained and professional HVAC of Atlanta experts are available 24/7 to perform heating repairs and maintenance in the Atlanta area. You can call us for emergency heating system repairs at any time of the day or night, all year round.

Our tune up service usually cuts the energy bills related to the HVAC system between $500.00 and $2000.00 per year. Maintaining any and all HVAC systems will help homes and owners with air quality, equipment longevity, confort, and health in their indoor air.

Service includes

Reporting of the measurement of High and Low voltage
Reporting of the measurement of compressor start and running amps
Reporting of the measurement of condenser fan motor start and running amps
Reporting of the measurement of the start and run capacitor for the compressor
Reporting of the measure of the start and run capacitor for the fan motor
Inspecting all High and Low voltage electrical connections.
Reporting of the measurement of the refrigerant pressures for proper super-heat and sub-cool
Cleaning condensate drain, and/or Clean and cycle condensate pump
Inspecting all contactors, relays, and control board for proper operation
Cleaning of the outside condenser coil and debris around the unit
Lubricating accessible motors and bearings if applicable
Reporting the measurement of the temperature drop across evaporator coil
Checking evaporator coil for level and proper drainage
Checking the blower motor, capacitor operation and voltage
Inspecting/Testing all water safety overflow safety flow switches
Checking correcting thermostat calibration, level and operations
Inspecting ductwork for proper installation and sealed
Reporting the measurement of the ductwork static operating pressures
Changing of standard 1 inch filter included with service
All reporting will be accompanied by the outside temperature at time of service

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